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As a lifetime athlete, I know how consuming athletics can be. From the countless hours of training to the grit and determination needed in competition to the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, sports define the lives of those who participate. Even, and perhaps especially, for those high school and college athletes who don’t go on to compete professionally, it’s important to commemorate that time so that you can always remember why you love your sport.


There are two very distinct ways to tell the story of your athletic journey: sports action and sports editorial. There’s no better way to capture the experience of the competition than to document the actual competition. Sports action photos freeze those memorable moments of determination, sportsmanship, team spirit, and sheer skill so that years down the road you can not only tell your kids the story of how your team won State or Conference, but illustrate the tale with photos to prove it. Sports editorial photos, on the other hand, can be much more personal (less about the team and more about the individual), allowing you the chance to show off your badass skills.


My five years as UNC Asheville's lead sports photographer, where I capture every home event as well as photograph teams and individuals for editorial-style posters, as well as my lifetime of experience as an athlete allows me to understand each athlete so I can create images capturing their character both on and off the playing field.




I believe that the best way to enjoy a photo is in your hands, or on a wall. All of my sports photo collections come with a beautifully-bound photo album printed on fine art pages that will last through years and years of page-turning enjoyment. I also offer a wide array of photo products from print collections to gallery walls to graduation announcements to small albums for family members so that you can turn your images into works of art to share and enjoy.


My sports photo collections start at $500**, which includes an hour of editorial photography, 2 photographed competitions, an online proofing gallery and your personal photo album including statistics. You may then build your own personal collection by adding more time or choosing your additional favorite products.


A $200 deposit is required to book a date and reserve me as your sports photographer. For more information on my family photography services and pricing, please fill out my contact form and I will send you a detailed information sheet.


**For schools and teams that I already work with, my collections begin at $350, which includes an hour of editorial photography, choice of up to 20 action shots to go in your album, personal photo album including statistics, and an online gallery. 


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