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Graduation - college, high school, or even preschool - is the celebration of an accomplishment, and an end of an era. What better way to celebrate that than with a photoshoot to commemorate that accomplishment forever?


My goal as a lifestyle photographer is not only to let you show off your stylish cap and gown, but to help tell your story, show your character through the images that we create together. This often means bypassing the traditional route of stiffly standing in front of the school sign holding a diploma and instead planning ahead to create images unique to you. From setting up a whole scene to show what you did in school (like if you had to drink 5 energy drinks to pull an all-nighter to finish a paper) or simply curling up in the softest couch in the library with the book you read cover to cover multiple times in between school projects, I'll create images unique to you.



I believe that the best way to enjoy a photo is in your hands, or on a wall. All of my graduation photo collections come with a beautifully-bound photo album printed on fine art pages that will last through years and years of page-turning enjoyment. I also offer a wide array of photo products from graduation announcements to print collections to gallery walls so that you can turn your images into works of art to share and enjoy.

My graduation photo collections start at $350, which includes:

1 hour of photography

Your Heirloom photo album

A USB of all digitals included in the album

An online gallery to view and share images as well as you or family to purchase additional products. You may then build your own personal collection by adding more time or choosing your additional products.

I'd love to hear your creative ideas so we can plan a fun session together! For more information on my senior photography services and pricing, please fill out my contact form and I will send you a detailed information sheet - can't wait to tell your story!

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