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Business is all about branding, and then advertising your brand to your target clients. Whether you are running a small local business, are CEO of a Fortune 500 company, or are simply applying for your first job, your photograph (on your website, media kid, or business cards) is the first impression a potential client or business partner will see. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you convey your brand in your photos.


From food photos displaying your restaurant's best dishes to group shots of your whole office to interior shots of the home you are trying to sell to professional headshots, I get to know you and your brand to convey that character through the photos we create.



There are four ways you can enjoy my advertising photos. All of my advertising collections come with an hour of photography, an hour of post-production and sizing for multiple platforms, and an online gallery to proof, share and download your images. I also offer a wide range of products from large-scale prints to characterize your business space to small prints to share with friends and family and other branded products.


1. Food Photography As a chef, caterer, baker or nutritionist, you want your images to convey the deliciousness and quality of your food. I work with you to tell your cuisine journey by photographing your best dishes, capturing you behind the scenes creating in your kitchen, even making beautiful detail shots with your favorite ingredients. These images can be used for menus, website content, cookbooks and social media.


2. Business Branding Whether you are a one-woman operation or a large office, I will work with you to convey your brand mission and company character through your image, whether through close-up black and white portraits or on-scene team photos. These images can be used for website content, social media, media kits and office decor.


3. Real Estate For construction companies, architects, real estate agents and homeowners alike, it is important to show high quality real estate images that convey the character of each home. I will work with you to take wide angle HDR photos showing the whole space, close-ups to show fascinating architectural details and images showing the surrounding attractions.


4. Head Shots Professional head shots are a must for conveying your personal brand. Whether you are looking for a solid color studio background or an on-location natural or architectural one, I will use multiple lighting set-ups to capture the character and mood that your brand conveys.